Diving and sailing with us







Vovo and Yani- a German- Indonesien family are the owners of the Duyung.

They have been organizing cruises and dive tours since 1999.

They are specialized in small groups which allows them to take optimum care of their guests. They are very experienced in regard to dive sites and are also flexible with the need and wants of their customers.




Volker Padi Divemaster and owner





Vovo, ably assisted by his boatman and current “guru”, Merajap, who has been navigating these waters since he was a child. He seems to be able to read the oceans like a book.Merajap comes from Sulawesi Bira ,he is joining the Duyung since 6 years.

The Crew

Vovo and Yanni are ably assisted by their two to four crew members Merajap and Achmat who work quietly and efficiently in the background, filling cylinders, loading and unloading diving equipment and the general day to day running of the boat.


CV.Duyung Y +V, Volker Korth, Jl.Kemiri 1, Makassar,Ujung Pandang,south Sulawesi Indonesien
Mobil: 0062 81589 100 56 or Office: +62411 85 34 85
E-Mail: duyungbaru@yahoo.de or vovo@bali-dive-cruise.com