From Sulawesi/Bira to Flores/Komodo


Diving starts in Bira and ends with the Komodo dragon and Mantas in Flores Labuan Bajo.

Safari cruise stops:

Bira and Tanaberu:Fishing village and traditional boat building place the southern tip of Sulawesi.

Selayar:Duyung will make stops at the great waterfalls and uninhabited beaches at the southern end of this beautiful island.

Jamen:The only village at the eastern coats of Selayar, A trek for approximately 30 minutes to the base of a 7 tiered waterfall of cool, crystal-clear spring water.

Harabaka:Have a small waterfall to visit and only about 25 people here.

Duyung BAY: The dugong ( Dugong dugon) is a large marine mammal which, together with the manatees, is one of four living species of the order Sirenia.

Apatana:Traditional fishing village at the southern tip of Selayar.People are very friendly and happy to see and meet westerners.

Buhuluang:This places has fantastic stalagmites caves which we love to visit.

Sane Sane: A very small atoll with divine corals and big fish, located near Tanajampea.This is about halftime of our trip.

Komodo: GO HERE




Selayar film from 2006 by vovo


Day by day itinerary
Day 1:
Airport or Hotel pick up Makassar to Bira.

Planes from Jakarta or Bali arriving usually at 11.a.m. in Makassar(also known as Ujung Pandang).

A comfortable air-condition will bring you to Bira awaits you up on arrival.

A beautiful car drive through south Sulawesi ( about 4 hours)

We will do a check up dive in Bira (Diving in Bira is fantastic)and and if you want to do a night dive it is as well possible. The vessels will depart in the early morning the next day.

Day 2:
Diving south of Sulawesi dive sites "Pulau Kambing" and "Pulau Basi"

Visit Harabaka

Day 3:
Most dive sites are at the southern part of Pulau Selayar. We should arrive in the morning, allowing our first dive at the dive site "Cumi Cumi"

We will anchor in the Dugong bay and have breakfast on Duyung coach house roof and hope to see one of these big sea cows. Sometimes you can even see them during the dive at dive site "Cumi Cumi". Today will be allocated to a full day of diving, with an option to trek into the coastal jungle for a one or two hour waterfall visit.

From our Duyung bay, we can go by speedboat to the village Jamen


Nearby the Duyung bay are more dive sites.(This bay is called after our boat Duyung,we been the first there start to bring the first divers from Europe 1999.

Day 4:
Full day diving at the German owned diving Center"SELAYAR DIVE RESORT"BBQ in Buhuluang beach and see the cave.

Day 5:
Setting sail to Komodo with a stop at "Sane Sane"

Day 6:
GO HERE Day2 is the 7.Day


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